A fast-paced market requires continued innovation. Printforce is at the forefront of these changes: By investing in partnerships in all facets of the graphic media vertical we always make sure to offer our customers the latest and the best integrated solution. More importantly, we view our customers as partners. It is our vision that only by truly working together we can understand your challenge. Read more our partnerships below:

Logistical partners
We collaborate closely with KNO-KNV and CB, respectively the largest book distributors in the DACH-area and the Netherlands. Together with CB we have set up an extremely fast on-demand book production facility within their warehouse. Joint-Book-Services (the Netherlands) produces books in <4 hours. Enabling you to order books that are delivered to your customers the next day so you never have to tell a customer no. KNO-KNV is our partner for delivering books to German, Austrian and Swiss bookshops. 

Competitive pricing & flexibility
Printforce is set up to efficiently produce bulk and single copy for competitive prices. This has not limited our production possibilities. Our sister companies Digiforce and Gigaprint use the same workflow systems, allowing us to quickly cater to all your specialty needs, in the rare case we cannot help you. Together with our partners we offer an unrivalled pallette of sizes, binding methods and other products.

Digital innovation: Self-publishing, mobile publishing and the online print button
Printforce participates in several innovative start-ups, recognizing that the graphic media industry is changing. MyBestSeller builds custom, white label self-publishing platforms for publishers and other content creators. Content creation, sales channels, revenue models, and billing are all handled in one convenient package. Sweek is a pioneering platform in mobile publishing that latches on to the growing trend of consuming media on smartphones. Peecho is the “print-button of the internet”. This smart company allows you to print any online digital content you have. Simply add one line of code to your website, and anyone can print content you offer. The module includes complete print production, shipping, checkout and payment options.