Apart from our headquarters, Printforce participates in strategic partners that help us understand and solve your challenge. Read more about how our participations can help your company.

Printforce Netherlands
Our headquarters and printing powerhouse. Printforce Netherlands is our production flagship that produces single copy and runs of 1000+: In the best quality, competitively priced and with maximum flexibility.

Printforce UK Sales Office
To better serve the British market we have a sales office in the UK. Please contact us and ask for our UK Director Andy Simpson. 

Joint Book Services (JBS): 4 hour turn-around digital printing
JBS is a Printforce joint-venture together with warehouse and bookdistributor Centraal Boekhuis (CB) and Canon. The production facilities are located within CB, making it possible to produce truly on-demand and deliver to various sales channels within 4 hours. This joint-venture also gives our customers the opportunity to keep micro stock with an Automated-Replenishment-System.

Digiforce & Gigaprint: Digital printing
Digiforce and Gigaprint specialize in book-of-one production and personalisation of content. Printforce works together with these companies, offering customers competitive pricing, scale, and the flexibility needed to serve special tailored needs.

Mybestseller: Self-publishing
Mybestseller builds white-label self-publishing platforms for media companies. They can help your company become an expert in the lucrative new market of self-publishing, by providing a single platform that handles content creation, editing, sales channels, promotion, eBook and hardcopy book distribution, invoicing and much more. Add an extra revenue model to your business easily and with minimum investment.

Sweek: Mobile publishing
Read, write, and share stories. Anywhere, at any time: For free! Sweek, a mobile publishing platform, makes reading and writing social. Share new ideas with like-minded people and show appreciation for writers by liking their stories, following them and giving them feedback. Join the community as a reader or as a (professional) author. 

Peecho: Print button of the internet
Peecho is the print-button of the internet: From pixels to print. Add one line of code to your website and let your customers easily upload and order any graphic digital media, delivered printed as a book, magazine, or poster. This full service, easy-to-use package takes care of your printing, distribution, payments, and more.