The National Business Success Awards (NBSA) – a Dutch prize for outstanding businesses – has awarded Printforce the first prize in the category “digital print-solutions”, and is now nominated for the overall national first prize.

Printforce was nominated this summer together with 9 other printing companies. After careful product quality research and a company visit, the professional jury awarded Printforce the first prize in its respective category for the year 2016.

Quoting the NBSA’s nominee report: “Printforce is able to produce and deliver small and large print volumes efficiently and in an accessible way for its customers. This means world-wide delivery of one or one thousand soft- or hardcovers in black and white, or full colour.”

Printforce will feature in the tv programme “Succesvol Nederland” on RTL7. Afterwards, Dutch viewers and a professional jury will decide upon 10 finalists to compete in the grand finale this winter. The jury members will eventually select the overall winner of the National Business Success Awards.

For more information, please contact Rombout Eikelenboom, managing partner, on +31 6 1091 6789